About Tim

I am Director of Music at King Edward VI Grammar School (known as KEGS) in Chelmsford, where I have worked for nearly 13 years.  It’s a very quirky place – my best description of it is “a school for geeks, run by geeks”.  So it suits me.

I have a wide variety of interests at school and I’m an officer in the CCF, help out with D of E, attend the lunchtime chess club and debating society (mostly to get a free lunch), and run the cricket tours to the Caribbean (a tough job but someone’s got to do it).

There are quite a lot of things I feel strongly about but this blog will try to stay focussed on music in education and broader educational themes.  I will also try not to repeat what is written (much better) elsewhere.  If you want to get in touch (I love to talk things through, to get to the nub of an argument) then please message at the end of a blog or find me on twitter:

Twitter: @musotim


2 thoughts on “About Tim

  1. Dear Tim
    In answer to you smug comments in reference to 300 children and grammar school places. “I have a dream that one day our children will be judged and given opportunity based on their intellect rather than the size of their parents income”.

    Suggested homework reading, anything by Sir Ken Robinson.

    • Hi Patti

      Thank you for reading. I know I can come across as smug sometimes but it was not my intention – I was trying to point out the relatively small scale of the problem with grammar schools particularly, not with social mobility. Like you, I would like the brightest children, whatever their background, to get into the grammar schools. I don’t like the 11+ coaching industry. I also don’t think it is the fault of the grammar schools themselves.

      Not sure where Sir Ken fits into this – I have watched quite a lot of his stuff (it’s required watching at KEGS) and I’ve always found that he’s very good at identifying problems but short on solutions.


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